They call themselves “The Deathbusters.”

But this group of high school students isn’t nearly as menacing as they sound.

In fact, since forming the organization earlier this year, they have raised money to help local families fighting serious illness, including High School principal Travis Stilwell’s wife Michelle who was diagnosed this year with colon cancer.

Dillon Auvenshine, president of The Deathbusters, said the group was formed to help others.

“Several of us decided that we wanted to do something that would really help others who need it,” Auvenshine said.

Last summer, the group held a fundraiser at Sonic where they car-hopped for tips. Proceeds from the event helped the Stilwell family with medical expenses.

Now, The Deathbusters have another mission.

To raise money for a classmate’s mother battling cancer, the group is offering lawn service during the month of November.

For a donation, the group will rake, clean and mow your lawn - then donate the proceeds to their classmate’s family.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Auvenshine at (254) 485-0149.