Whitney White-Ashley

“There are three rules in journalism - believe none of what you hear, half of what you see and everything you write.”

- Lois Lane

I don’t know why it took me so long to find my way into journalism, but as I sit at my computer on my next to last day as a staff writer for the Stephenville Empire-Tribune, I am struck with the bittersweet sense of irony.

I have loved my time with the E-T. Although I grew up around here and have ancestors that pop up at the Stephenville Historical Museum from time to time, I have probably learned more about the county and its residents in the last 16 months than in 30 years.

From controversial letter writers to beauty queens to everyday heroes, Stephenville is filled with thousands of characters fit for the pages of a classic comic book.

But fear not, dear readers. Although my life adventures now turn my attention toward my new marriage and four children, you will still find me busily shuttling Girls Scouts and Boy Scouts around town and delivering budding ballerinas to class and hopping from campus to campus - all with lightning speed.

Someone once told me that once you get into the news business, you never really get out of it and I fully agree. This job is addictive and I’m hooked. While the industry is changing everyday, news is still news. I still enjoy talking to people and writing their stories. Sometimes the stories warm your heart, sometimes they make you want to cry, but they are stories crying out to be heard.

As I take some time to be a mom, volunteer, chauffeur and wife, I have refused to kick my habit as a news junkie completely. Addicted readers can still look for me under the title of “Correspondent Whitney Lee.” I look forward to continuing to hear from the community and serving the community in the only way I know how - as a writer and conveyor of newsworthy stories.