I have a question for your readers. When all the environmentalist run our dairy farmers, or any other kind of farmer or rancher, out of town, what will the result be? Do you honestly think the federal government can feed you?

There is no harder, more dedicated worker than the US farmer. With environmentalists using government agencies to financially attack the farmer, someday you will go to the grocery store and the shelves will be empty! Who will provide your food? Some of these farm families have been in the county over 150 years and I would trust them with the environment much more than someone from Washington D.C. Someone who just decided, on a piece of paper, that rainwater cannot touch cow manure. Do you know what happens when rainwater touches cow manure? The cow manure disappears - into the land - and grows wonderful crops. Coastal patches come alive when you spread cow manure over them. Take a bare lot, cover it with cow manure, add some coastal and water and just watch! It will grow and grow.

Readers, where will your food come from when all of your American farmers and ranchers are gone? Think about it!

Another thought, find me enough young folks that are below thirty years old who will work the land with low pay, no vacations, no days off, and actually work, not text messaging or talking on the phone. Did you ever think a dairy farmer has to milk 365 days a year, every morning and every night? And no, you cannot skip a milking. Whether their help shows up or not, they still have to milk, would you do that? I guarantee most folks will not get dirty enough to the job, but the dairy farmers do. They do it so that they can produce the cleanest milk in the world for United States consumption.

A note to the person who wrote about the guys parking their cattle trailers in front of restaurants ó the cows and the cattle haulers have been in this county for years, welcome to the country! Those cattle haulers need to eat too.

Iíve milked cows before and going to the grocery store sure is easy!

P.S. - If Iran or Syria or some other county decided to take over the United States, I want Vernon Sneed beside me. Mr. Michael Snyder and his buddies will probably be in a bomb shelter somewhere!


Troy Moore