The Bosque River Trail will include 7,864 linear feet of bicycle-pedestrian trail beginning on the west side of the Graham Street bridge at Stephenville City Park. A trailhead will mark the start of the path.

The trail will travel west along the north side of East Crow Street until the intersection of South Minter Avenue, then turn north and travel along the east side of South Minter Avenue until the intersection of East Long Street. The trail will turn east and travel along the north side of East Long Street, then curve northward until it connects with the original alignment of the trail on the north side of East Long. Finally, the trail will curve into another trailhead at the Washington Street Bridge before an overlook and ending at East Tarleton Street, behind the Stephenville Historical Museum.

Also included in the project are drainage crossings, trailhead shelters with informational signage, benches, drinking fountains, bicycle storage racks, landscaping and lighting. Mileposts will also be installed along the trail, as well as rest stop benches and pedestrian-scale lampposts with lights.

Jay Mills Construction is expected to complete the multi-million dollar project in 10 months.