As a candidate running for a public office, I understand that our local paper office should want to help the public to see what each candidate stands for. And they should do this in an equal and fair manner.

I have to say that after reading the “Water Hot Topic” article in Sunday’s paper — I was appalled at the fact that Mr. Myers left so much information out that I had given him Friday. Firstly, I stated not that I would continue, but that although I continued to vote against the pipeline project it is fine with me as long as it is used for emergencies only. I also stated that I had spoken with a man who is an authority in the field of water conservation, and his knowledge of both surface and ground water has led him to the conclusion that Stephenville has enough ground water to last well over 150 years.

I am inclined to agree with this man’s expertise on the matter and believe that we all should have no “water worries” for many years to come! Furthermore, if we continue to have the droughts that we’ve had in the past (along with the sun’s rays) surface water such as Lake Proctor will probably be nothing more than a big mud puddle! And by the time we might possibly need some of this water, the towns that are already using Lake Proctor will have depleted the supply.

Most importantly, I stated that I felt our city could have spent the money more wisely by purchasing more land and drilling more wells! Finally, I believe leaving this much information out of ANY candidates “voice” is unfair. I appreciate you for allowing me to relay All information that was given by me to Mr. Myers originally.

Cyndi Godwin