To see what an $8 million project looks like, take a drive from Lingleville to the Erath County line, where highway construction is under way.

“I don’t think people understand how much road construction costs,” said Marc McEndree with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDot). “The reconstruction of FM 8 (the Lingleville Highway) from the Stephenville side of Lingleville all the way to the county line is an 8 million dollar contract.”

For the better part of a year, work has been done on FM 8 from Lingleville to just outside of Eastland. The old roadway had two lanes in 20-feet with no shoulders. The new roadway will have 12-foot lanes with 8-foot shoulders, making the new road 40-feet wide.

“This will double the size of the roadway and make it safer,” McEndree said.

The bridges had to be redone as well, causing detours for a time so the lanes could be widened.

The part of the roadway that goes through the city of Lingleville will actually be a little different, according to McEndree. TxDot will be adding curbs to that particular stretch.

In a meeting earlier this week, the contracting company in charge of the Erath County part of the work told McEndree that the estimated date to finish construction is sometime in November.

The rest of the road construction from the Erath County line to just outside of Eastland is being done out of Brownwood, and is set to be finished at a later date.