The word on the street is don’t mess with the Outlaw — particularly, Julie Outlaw. She may be petite but she can take you out.

Outlaw recently returned from vacationing at Fort Walton Beach, Fla. with her family where she took down a 17-year-old boy and had him spitting out sand while yelling, “Get off me!”

Outlaw said she noticed five or six handsome young men rifling through her beach neighbor’s belongings left under an umbrella next to hers and asked what they were doing.

“As soon as I said that, they scattered like roaches,” Outlaw said.

One boy took off running with a camera - and Outlaw gave chase.

“I was sunburned, but I was running,” Outlaw said. “He began slowing down trying to decide which way he was going to go and I caught up.”

Outlaw said people were hollering and screaming, cheering her on. While running, she thought about a maneuver she had seen on TV.

“I thought, if that maneuver doesn’t work then I’ll just have to let him go,” Outlaw said. “I kicked his feet out from under him and he went down face first and I went down right on top of him. He was wiping the sand out of his mouth - just cussing me.”

Outlaw said the man began screaming, “This is not cool, this is not cool. Get off me!”

Outlaw said, “Not until you give the dude back his camera.”

During the struggle, Outlaw said all kinds of things began falling out of the man’s pockets from his previous beach pilfering.

“When he fell, all this stuff fell out of his pockets like sunglasses, lighters, room keys, and a paperback book,” Outlaw said. While he screamed obscenities Outlaw said, “What’s cool is you’re going to look back at this moment and maybe tell your grandchildren a 43-year-old woman kicked your butt on Fort Walton Beach.”

Outlaw said about that time beach patrol and fire rescue pulled up and took the man to jail.

Outlaw has attended the Citizen’s Police Academy and said she learned to be very aware of her surroundings and make observations on what goes on around her. She felt that training is the reason she noticed the men.

And what did Outlaw’s family say about her “save the day” actions?

They missed the whole episode because they had left the beach and gone inside the resort. But the man whose camera was stolen was very appreciative because she saved precious mementos from his visit there.

The incident occurred the second day of Outlaw’s vacation so she became well known on the beach before she left.

“People were calling me Pamela Anderson and asking me if I was on duty,” Outlaw said. “I’d just laugh and tell them I was off duty.”