The days are getting cooler, the nights are getting longer and you know what you want to do more than anything: Curl up on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate, a bag of potato chips, and a good book. So how about falling for these books this fall:

So you took a vacation to the beach this summer and you had a gazillion questions about ships and the sea but nobody to ask. Well, grab “Do Dolphins Ever Sleep?” by Pierre Yves and Sally Bely (c.2007, Sheridan House, $19.95) and wonder no more. This book is a little on the technical side, but contains so many interesting facts about ships and how they work; weather, moons, and anything in the sky; and the sea and all the creatures in it. This book is perfect for Dad, too, if you're in the mood to do some early Holiday shopping.

And now that we mention it, you're mind is on your own Want List for the holidays. You know everybody's going to be asking you what you want for Christmas, so why not get a few ideas by reading � Things to Buy Before You Die” by Maggie Davis and Charlotte Williamson (c.2007, Red Rock Press, $21.95). Wouldn't you love a $500 fountain pen with which to write your grocery list? How about a sofa in the shape of lips or a $1,300 coffee maker? Ask Santa for this book and everything in it.

Fall is a great time to settle in with a good biography, but if you don't think you have time for something that long, how about some mini-bios? Read “Obit” by Jim Sheeler (c.2007, Pruett Publishing Company, $18.95). This is a book about everyday people - most of them are folks you've never heard of - but their lives and their deaths will pull you into this book just the same.

And lastly, when it's time to stay inside and reflect a little, it's best to remember the good times. You can do that with “The Rock ‘n' Roll Age” by Mike Evans (c.2007, Reader's Digest, $32.95). This big beautiful book is pictures and stories, but - surprisingly - not just about music. You'll also find lots of pop-culture history, world history, and some things that will take you back. Like, groovy, baby.

So there you are. Four good books to while away the time while you're winding down from a busy summer.

Happy reading!