School is back in session, football has begun and next up is soccer. Many area soccer players will hit the field for practice as soon as this week, with games just around the corner.

Itís important to remember that the Stephenville Soccer Complex is located within a neighborhood filled with children. Every season, the usually quiet streets are bombarded with cars and trucks hauling kids to and from soccer practices and games. Although there is a 30-mph sign posted in the neighborhood, itís important for soccer fans to remember to travel slowly throughout the area, which is often filled with families walking their dogs and kids playing outside.

Itís not uncommon to see parents just getting off work, rushing down the streets trying to get their child to practice or picked up on time. It can be a dangerous combination.

Just last year, a young girl was riding her bicycle down the street when she barely missed getting struck by a family exiting the soccer field. Luckily, the girl got away with only a skinned knee - and the driver got away with a thumping heart. Slow down and drive safe.

- The Stephenville Empire-Tribune

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