PATILLO - When 78-year-old retired school teacher Carolyn Jordan was last seen 11 days ago, she was leaving the Erath County home of Hazel Moss, her friend of 50 years.

Jordan and Moss had just returned a day earlier - on June 23 - from a fun-filled, weeklong stay at a lodge about 50 miles from Durango, Colo.

“We had a wonderful time,” Moss said Thursday.

So about 9 a.m. on Sunday, June 24, Jordan said her goodbyes, got into her black 2002 Toyota Camry and appeared headed back on U.S. Highway 281 to her home in southeastern San Antonio.

“She (Jordan) had driven to my house several times and back,” Moss said.

Then days passed, Moss said, until she received a call on Thursday, June 28, asking her if she had heard from Jordan.

“And my heart just sank,” Moss said.

Since then, Moss said, “It’s just been horrible.”

“We are just devastated that she and her car could vanish into thin air,” Moss said.

Jordan’s daughters, Julie Daye of Philadelphia and Diane Artemis of Austin, have spent time in recent days stopping at sheriff’s offices in Texas counties along U.S. Highway 281 between Patillo and San Antonio.

“No one has seen her or her car … since the morning of June 24th,” Daye said, referring to a car with the license plate X19LBH. “We don’t understand why we haven’t found her car.”

“Although healthy and fully competent when last seen, we are concerned that she may have had a small stroke or head injury and may be wandering around confused,” Daye said.

When an investigator asked her whether Jordan had been showing the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease, Moss said she told him, “Not a chance. She was as sharp as she could be.”

“She was very alert - a retired school teacher,” said Moss, who noted she met Jordan through a church where Moss’ husband was pastor.

“This is totally unlike her to do this,” Daye said. “This is not like her to just wander off and take a vacation somewhere without telling someone.”

And while some reports have expressed fear that Jordan’s car could have been swept into raging water near Marble Falls, Moss said “evidently the weather was all right” the day that Jordan left her home.

“They (Jordan’s daughters) didn’t see any place … where she could have gone off” the road, Moss said.

Saddened, Moss hopes her longtime friend will be found safe and sound.

“We were kindred spirits,” Moss said. “We stayed with each other through the years. I guess she’s the closest friend that I got.”

Jordan’s family urged anyone who has information on her disappearance to call the Erath County Sheriff’s Office at (254) 965-3338.

DOUG MYERS is Managing Editor of the Empire-Tribune. He can be reached at or (254) 965-3124, ext. 229.

Name: Carolyn Barker Jordan

AKA: Lyn

Case Number: M0706015

Case Type: Endangered

Last Seen in: Patillo (Erath County)

Last Seen on: 6/24/2007

Height: 5’ 3

Weight: 149 lbs.

Age Missing: 78

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Grey

Date of Birth: 4/10/1929

Race: White

Sex: Female

State Missing From: Texas

Country Missing From: USA

Circumstances: Ms. Jordan has a slight hump on her back near her shoulders and wears glasses. She was last seen wearing a light colored pant suit. Ms. Jordan was last seen leaving her friend’s residence enroute to her home in San Antonio driving a 2002 black Toyota Camry bearing Texas license plate X19LBH.