To the editor,

Violence to a great extent across America and the horrific blood spattered carnage in Mexico is triggered by the new prohibition and fueled by official lawlessness. Repeal of drug prohibition would cripple the cartels’ main source of revenue.

This unconscionable bloodshed is on the hands of leadership as much as those who pulled the trigger or did the actual butchering and torturing. It is a policy created problem. Remember alcohol prohibition which brought daily exposés of police and political corruption as well as bloody massacres!

The Texas Legislature is considering policy changes.

The tobacco, alcohol and prescription drug gangs cause more death annually than all illicit drugs. Current drug policy disregards science and punishes families of citizens, confiscating their property for making a safer health choice in a social or medicinal drug; that is policy bordering on insanity. We can never agree on everything but surely we can agree that responsible behavior; weighing the choices and making a safer, wiser decision is to be encouraged in America, not criminalized.

Patients testify to Cannabis’ help in treating post traumatic stress, depression, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, gastrointestinal (GI) tract disorders, Alzheimer’s, cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS.

Morally bankrupt profiteering has no place in medicine, which must be concerned with the well-being of the individual not the bottom line. Doctors who have monitored cannabis use by hundreds of thousands of patients in California and Oregon can document a consistent pattern of using less pharmaceuticals including cutting opiates use by half. Repealing prohibition of marijuana would bring other much needed health care reform.

The debate over medical marijuana or cannabis is really a scandalous controversy over whether this very easy-to-grow herb should be allowed to compete with pharmaceuticals for pennies on the dollar. Harassing the sick and dying is an un-American activity.

Please support TX HB 164.

Adult legal social use of marijuana or cannabis could cause less alcohol consumption. That would be a good thing for public safety as studies have

shown alcohol increases violent, aggressive behavior marijuana does not.

Maybe it would mean less people driving under the influence of alcohol.

Murderers and other violent predators roam free, while we police nonviolent adult social, medicinal and religious drug use. Limited resources can be better-spent catching pedophiles, rapists and killers. More time could go toward stopping DUI and those selling drugs to minors.

Please support TX HB 902


Colleen McCool