To the editor

There are those who imply the military would step in to defend the constitution if our government represented a clear and present danger to the U.S. constitution. As a retired Marine officer, I doubt seriously if the active duty military would take such an action. That too would be in contradiction to the constitution.

It is not the role of the military to change the civil government of the United States. That is the role of the American citizens. When all peaceful means have been exhausted, and a government has unconstitutionally empowered itself to prevent its removal, it is the role of the American patriot to rise up and throw off that government. The right of the patriotic citizen to overthrow a government which has usurped the power of the people is expressed in our Declaration of Independence and provided for in the constitution.

I see the role of the military as refusing to obey an unconstitutional and unlawful order to prevent or arrest patriotic citizens who were exercising their right to change an unconstitutional government. I see the military using force only to prevent any other military forces from interfering with the citizenís right restore the constitution to its pre-eminent role in our nation.

Now, that is change you can believe in.

Carroll Cawyer


To the editor,

As a country among the developing world, we look ridiculous since many of our citizens are without health care. In my younger years as a single mom I was rejected by my insurance for having a pre-existing condition. Please push for single payer insurance.

Dr. Carol Key