The third taxing entity, in just as many days, discussed its appointment to the Erath County Appraisal District board of directors Tuesday.

Dublin Independent School District board of trustees discussed the agenda item at length, but did not recommend an appointee.

“We have to come in conjunction with the city (for our nominee),” DISD Superintendent Shaun Barnett said. “I put it on the agenda so we can come up with a nominee and possibly present it to the city.”

Several board members inquired about the city’s status on the appointment so far. Dublin Mayor Tom Gordon informed the board that the city discussed the issue the night before.

“It was on our agenda last night to discuss exactly what you all are talking about. Hopefully we will come back in November with nominees,” Gordon said.

Gordon also went on to inform the board that with the nomination, the city council has demanded specific goals for its appointee.

“We are making it mandatory that our nominee show up at a meeting once a quarter,” he said.

Board President Don Keith said that despite invitations to attend meetings, the current representative Katherine Prater has only appeared at one, Tuesday’s. Prater provided updates on what was happening at ECAD.

“The only thing we are kind of having trouble with is we asked all of the employees to take part in a conflict-resolution (program),” she said. “We are having a hard time getting someone to come out and do that.”

Keith asked Prater if a conflict involving Chief Appraiser Jerry Lee had been resolved.

“It’s getting better,” Prater said.

Despite Prater’s appearance at Tuesday’s meeting, the board discussed nominating other individuals to her position.

“If we’ve got someone else we want to throw in the hat, we need to know,” Keith said.

Barnett said that Prater had agreed to serve another term if that was the board’s wish. Names submitted for nominees were scarce and the board did not have knowledge of anyone who was willing to volunteer for the position.

The board was instructed to submit nominees to Barnett before the November board meeting for review. The item will appear on the agenda at that time and an individual will be selected to fulfill the position.

The next DISD board meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Nov. 16 in the Dublin High School library.