COMANCHE - A Dublin-based Fort Worth and Western Railroad train derailed here Wednesday after heavy rains “washed out” about 50 feet of track, a railroad official said Thursday.

“It was a pretty good-sized wash out (of rocks used to stabilize the track) - from one side of the track to the middle,” said Ben Roskilly, roadmaster for Fort Worth and Western Railroad.

After the main engine made it across the washed-out portion about 8:58 a.m. Wednesday, Roskilly said, the engine behind it “laid over,” along with three other cars.

“Thank goodness nobody got hurt,” Roskilly said.

The accident occurred at milepost 105.9 where U.S. Highway 377 branches into four lanes entering Comanche from Dublin.

Because of the heavy rains, “This is happening all over the place - with the big railroads, everyone,” Roskilly said. “There’s nowhere for the water to go in Comanche.”

The Fort Worth and Western Railroad also had to shut down the “Peanut Line” Thursday in Gorman because “the water was so high,” Roskilly said.

“We decided it was unsafe,” he said. “You lay three (and an engine) on their side, you get kind of skittish, especially after you tear up a motor (engine).”

Fort Worth and Western Railroad travels through Dublin and Stephenville, and basically follows Highway 377, Roskilly said.

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