I appreciated Stuart Chiltonís article about Jack Arthur. By reading the headlines of the article I knew who Stuart was referring to, as Jack was the mayor of my hometown of Crosbyton as he was Mayor of Stephenville. It is rather common for people of the West Texas area to be intertwined with the people of this area of North Central Texas, although the two areas are 200-300 miles apart. As in the early 1900s, there were many people who left this area for the plains of West Texas. My parents, D.H. and Fay Moody, along with the Jack Arthur family were among those people. In later years some of those same people or their offspring returned to this area.

I would like to add a little extra to the very fine article that Stuart wrote about the Arthur family in regards to their residency in Crosbyton. Louise, Jackís wife, was a very gracious lady. When trick or treating on Halloween, us kids made it a point to stop at the Arthur house where Louise would have home baked goodies laid out for us. This was long before store bought wrapped candy became the order of Halloween.

Admission to the movies was only nine cents for children. I donít know when I ever felt so grown up and mature when I reached the age to pay full adult price to see a movie. Us kids grew up on the B Westerns such as Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Charles Starrett (The Durango Kid) that Jack would show at the Queen Theater in Crosbyton.

Clinton - well ó I donít remember much about him except as I recall as a very young child probably not much more than infant age, he seemed to have been fascinated with playing with the door knob of the backdoor to the small frame church building where the Arthurís and my family were members.

And then there was Mrs. Hood, Louiseís mother, who owned a cute and neat flower shop in Crosbyton. Indeed, a void was left in Crosbyton when the Arthur family returned back to Stephenville. After they returned and Jack got involved in promoting Tarleton he would give scholarships to the kids from West Texas to come to school at Tarleton. I was one of those who was awarded a scholarship.

Again, Stuart, thanks for the article,

Glen Moody