Good news has come in the form of grant funding for residents and property owners on College Farm Road.

The state’s Department of Rural Affairs recently awarded the city a contract under the Texas Community Block Grant Program. Stephenville was awarded the maximum $350,000 under the program and will ante up an estimated $120,000 in matching funds to extend the city sewer services to the area.

City Administrator Mark Kaiser explained that the estimated project cost of $470,000 was quoted six years ago when the city initially applied for the grant and emphasized the more than $400,000 is just a starting point and actual costs could vary.

Although the city has aggressively sought the funding, Kaiser said obtaining grant money is a lengthy application process followed by a waiting game.

The city has applied for the grant every other year and “the third time’s a charm,” Kaiser said

To qualify for the grant, Kaiser said the city had to submit a wealth of documentation including documents proving such services were not already available to the area’s residents and also show that the area is populated by individuals with low to moderate incomes.

Kaiser said the large number of college students residing on the road, who are full-time students and do not typically retain full-time jobs, made the city fall within income requirements.

Under the terms of the grant, the city has two years to use or lose the money. Kaiser said he did not know when construction would begin because the sewer system has not been designed. He did say, however, that completion time of such projects is usually about four months.