The last rodeo event - the World Championship Rodeo - that took place in Dublin was in 1959. More than half a century later, the Dublin Western Heritage Association is bringing the rodeo back to town.

The St. Patrick's Shootout is will feature top bulls, broncs and riders for the event, which is set for Saturday at 7 p.m. at the city park riding arena in Dublin.

According to event organizers, the rodeo has already attracted more than 35 cowboys from as far away as Oregon and North Dakota, but it will also showcase Texan talent as well.

"We will have some of the best cowboys in the college circuit, PRCA and even some of Tarleton's rodeo team as well," said Casey Ballinger, Western Heritage Association board member.

The bulls and broncs will be bucking well, too, as some of the best rough stock from the Lone Star State will descend on Dublin to treat spectators to a great rodeo.

Rough stock contractors such as Terry Walls, Carr Rodeo, Stacey Smith Pro Rodeo Company and more are expected to bring their stock to the shootout.

And Dubliners are looking forward to returning to their western roots.

Dublin was once home to the largest rodeo in the country. With the 52-year absence of the championship, many locals had forgotten city's western heritage.

"This is a very nostalgic undertaking," Dublin Western Heritage Assocation board member Heath Allen said. "The emotions are overwhelming."

And the rodeo is more of a tribute to the city's roots than the St. Patrick's Day celebration that will also take to the streets this week. Dublin was actually named for "doubling up" chuck wagons when the city was settled, not the capitol of Ireland.

Still, the Western Heritage Association is "proud" to add the rodeo to the slate of events scheduled for the three-day festival.

The St. Patrick's Shootout is only the beginning of a slew of activities the Western Heritage Association is planning for the next year, according to the association's board members.