You can run, but you can’t hide - from supporting a good cause.

More than 50 locals were booked into “jail” last Thursday as part of the Cross Timbers Family Service’s Jail & Bail Fundraiser, held at Grump’s Restaurant, and the amount of support the event received was overwhelming, says Taysha Williams, CTFS community development coordinator.

With the help of Stephenville Police Chief Roy Halsell and Officer Amanda Miller, CTFS issued “warrants” across the city and hauled the arrestees to a makeshift jail where the offenders were busy making calls to raise “bail” money.

Friends and co-workers of those put behind bars came up with various offenses - often silly and, in some cases true but illegal in their minds.

“They’re having a blast,” said Williams, as the inmates browsed phone books and their cell phone directories for friends’ numbers, hoping they would donate a few bucks to help them get out of jail. “Some people who were eating at Grump’s saw how much fun we were having, and jumped in to put themselves in jail to help out.”

Proceeds from the event will benefit Cross Timbers Family Service’s programs which assist victims of crime, said Williams.

“The event was a great success and the response was well over what we expected,” said Williams. “We are considering holding this fun event every other year.”

Dan “Elvis” Devivo, who was arrested for impersonating the famous singer, came to jail in full-costume and kept other inmates entertained by singing behind bars, says Williams. “A local nursing home’s staff helped to bail him out of jail.”

Rev. Glenn Shock, of Valley Grove Baptist Church, was busy calling friends to help raise his bail money - using the church’s directory as a source of names.

Darla Doty, director of career services at Tarleton State University and president of CTFS’ board of directors, was put behind bars for “excessive suspension of Robert’s Rules of Order.” To help raise her $200 bail, Doty turned to her cell phone and was fortunate to have more than a few donors help her out.

“Some of the people I called I haven’t talked to in a while,” said Doty. “I just told them ‘Hey, I’m in jail.’ When they heard that, some were shocked but when they found out the real reason, they were more than willing to donate.”

Even though the volunteer “judge” Eric Williams was responsible for setting the bail amount for each inmate, many opted to sit behind bars long after raising their minimum amount. “A lot of people are staying longer than they needed to. We had one come in at 11:30 a.m. and he was still here at 3 p.m. raising money.”

Lisa Pence, sitting in jail for two-and-a-half hours, raised more than $700 and only had a $300 bail. “I called everyone, from friends to family. It really wasn’t hard to do. Most of them, as soon as they heard it was for CTFS, gave $10 or $20.”

The inaugural event, Williams reported, raised $8,684.12 for CTFS. The total amount received on Thursday was $6,010.01, with another $2,425 pledged by phone. Statements will be sent to those who donated via telephone and collected in the coming weeks, said Williams.

Lisa Pence was recognized for bringing the most pledged donations during the one-day Jail & Bail Fundraiser. She collected $730 for CTFS. Cole Parks brought in $400 and was recognized for the highest in-hand amount.

Williams said the event would not have been a success without the support of Grump’s Restaurant and KSTV Mighty 93, and those who volunteered from the local police department to make the arrests.

“We’d like to say thanks to all the inmates who spent their day away from the office and their jobs to help raise money,” said Williams. “And the community members who pledged money to bail them out. We appreciate this community and all the support we have received.”

CTFS Jail Log

Below is a complete list of those who were arrested and their offenses, as well as the approximate amount of donations they brought in to support CTFS:

$700 & up:

• Lisa Pence: For talking so much


• Darla Doty: For excessive suspension of Robert’s Rules of Order

• Cole Parks: For being too cuddly

$300 - $400:

• Heather Haile: For planning a Sunday morning meeting with 27 kids

• J.J. Hampton: For use of excessive energy

$200 - $300:

• Bill Bailey: For listless listings

• Pastor Glen Shock: For raising the faith

• Mary Castorena: Working too hard

• Rochelle Stidham: For increasing alien awareness

• Robert Lemons: For excessive participation in community organizations

• Kim Pack-Wilson: For always being prepared minute(s) by minute(s)

• Tammy Cogburn: For insurance fraud

• Kathy Felts: For being a woman after God’s own heart.

• Dean Minix: Because he is what he is

• John Terrill: For fraudulent early departure

• Tonja Phillips: For talking too much in the courtroom

• Dan Devivo: For impersonating Elvis

• Charlotte Scarborugh: For living in Huckabay

$100 - $200:

• Doug Long: For working under the influence of too many women

• Connie Fox: For excessive home brewing

• Terrell Pack: For failure to take wife out on a date

• Sara Vanden Berge: Working under the influence of caffeine

• Mike Ubnoske: For excessive speed on a Harley-Davidson

• Leann Hook: For not letting employees off on Mondays

• Helen Hazzard: For excessive label intoxication

• Mike Stiles: For being too bald at such a young age

• J.C Spillman: For failure to know the location of Humperdinks

• Wanda Pringle: For being from Dublin

• Don Miller: For having unusually long eyebrows

• Crystal Derrick: For being such a dedicated volunteer

• Georgia Bissett: For being such a dedicated volunteer

• Connie Meason: For answering the phones with such a positive attitude

• Jason Cashon: For failure to provide breakfast burritos to co-workers

• Cindy McMahon: For a long term long love affair with a golden retriever

• Pat Esquell: For being such a dedicated volunteer

• Teresa Cross: For being so likeable

• Harry Bradberry: For telling bad jokes

• Athena Dowell: For being such a dedicated volunteer

• Crystal Ledbetter: For pulling off such great events

• Vicky Maples: For being grumpy

• Elsa DeLeon: For whispering too much

• Marlene Dupas: For driving the wrong way in a one-way school zone

• Dr. Thomas Burdenski: For increasing the knowledge of student through difficult testing procedures

$25 - $100:

• Dr. Hinga: For being professional by day, cowboy by night

• Erin Pelton: For turning herself in

• Dr. Peter Bell: For coffee abuse, fashion abuse, and gym related negligence

• John Cox: For failure to find a proper irrigation system

• Steven Hall: For harassing co-workers

• Cheryl Staton: For being the biggest queen bee in Erath County