1. Right on in your Sunday Editorial. I totally agree with you that local politics are not well served by people voting a straight "R" ticket. Locally, we have the chance to fully know our officials and their qualifications for office; and these should be the only criteria. My only regret is that you made the point so far into the editorial that some may not have read that far.

2. When did you stop enforcing a word limit on letters to the editor? Many have surely been way over the limit, but Sunday's takes the prize. Some points by Whitney N. White-Vinyard were well taken, although many seem to abdicate parenting responsibilities to the teachers. When did rearing responsible children quit being a joint venture? Regardless, how many readers would take the time to read such a dissertation length piece?

3. Regarding recipes taking up newspaper space - who needs it? Many seem to me to be way to high-falutin'  for ordinary dinner tables.  At least when simple recipes are submitted by locals, they might be considered for use.

4. How could you use the space we subscribers pay dearly for in a more newsworthy way?  How about news? Surely I am not the only one who does not subscribe to any other newspaper, partially due to costs. Could you possibly include a short capsule version of the national and international news?  At least we'd feel a little bit informed about the greater world around us. Surely there is more local news to report. The local columnists contributing is a positive addition which is probably free to the newspaper.

Thank you for considering these thoughts.

Pat J. Jones