To the editor,

When I drive through the Wal-Mart parking lot I always take a deep breath and smile when I see Thomas Genova and his dog Brandy. No matter what my day was like, it is nice to see the two companions.

Mr. Genova is always smiling and has a kind word no matter where you see him. He loves his dog Brandy and always has a leash on him. He talks about Brandy like it's his child. Brandy is his companion and probably the only one in this world he can really trust.

Brandy is also his protector and you can tell that when you first see the duo. So why does anyone approach them without making sure it's ok with both of them? Do they not have rights? Mr. Genova doesn't bother anyone and he has no home, but he has his dog. Are people so bored that they just can't wait for a reason to bully someone less fortunate?

Yes, dogs that bite is not something to be taken lightly. I believe, however, we have become paranoid of all dogs. I am sorry for the ladies at Wal-Mart and Whataburger, but I bet there is more to the story than he just bit them for no reason.

Brandy lives for Mr. Genova and with everything that is so ugly in the world why can't they just be left alone. Give him a muzzle put a beware of dog sign on his cart and let them have some peace.

Oh and people get a life!

Andrietta Luna


To the editor,

Why do we need laws?  It is obvious that our elected leaders of the majority party conveniently forget the law, even the Constitution, when it gets in their way. 

You disagree. Article I, Section 2 (1) of the Constitution says that "The Hose of Representatives shall be composed of members chosen…by the people of the several states…" The District of Columbia is not a state and although the 23rd Amendment provides for citizens of the district to vote for presidential elections, it does not permit a vote for a member of Congress. Yet this congress pushed the Constitution aside and authorized the election of a congressman for the district.

The 1st Amendment provides for the "Freedom of Religion, Speech, and the Press…" These freedoms were specifically provided for freedom of religious and political expression. Yet we see this congress moving towards "hate speech" legislation to prevent religious teachings if it condemns aberrant and distasteful behavior as sin. We have also seen the curtailment of our rights to discussing political elections within a specific time frame of an election.  And that is the timeframe when most Americans actually begin to pay attention to upcoming elections. It was free religious teaching and political discussion, which the founding fathers were most concerned about.

The White House has just fired an independent inspector general investigating AmeriCorps. Congress gave them special protection, a law passed last year with the support of then Senator Obama, requiring a 30 day notice prior to firing one of these Inspectors General for cause.  This was to remove political pressure from the position and keep them truly independent.  However, Inspector General Gerald Walpin conducted an investigation on the misuse of federal funds, by Sacramento Mayor and friend of President Obama, Kevin Johnson when he was the president of Saing Hope using AmeriCorps funds. His investigation found the allegations to be true and upon filing his report he received a phone call from the White House telling him to resign within on hour or he would be fired. He refused to resign and the action is still ongoing.

These are just three examples of those in power believing they are above the law. They must be careful. When leaders ignore the law designed to protect citizens from the overbearing tyranny of government, the people will remember that they are the true law and power in this country. Those who shred the Constitution will be swept from power by Constitutional means, including the 2nd Amendment which was included in the Constitution if ever needed "again" for this specific purpose.

Carroll Cawyer