Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

Tarleton’s College of Liberal and Fine Arts (COLFA) appoints a new dean. Dr. Dean Minix was recently appointed as Tarleton State University’s Dean for COLFA. Minix comes to Tarleton from Northern Kentucky University where he served in a variety of roles, including professor of political science, Kentucky Civic Literacy Project co-author, and director for the Master of Public Administration Program. Prior to his work in Kentucky, he was a professor of political science and government at the University of Houston-Downtown for 15 years. Now, Dean Dean has become one of Morgan Mill’s newest residents. His wife, Barbara (Barb), and two children, Matt and Lindsay, will be moving here in July. Dean Dean is already a frequent diner at Saturday Breakfasts. We are anxious to get acquainted with one of our newest homeowners.

Debra Parker introduced me to another mystery writer several years ago named Joanne Fluke. Joanne has an easy reading format of cookie related murder mysteries. Her heroine owns a cookie store in a small town in Minnesota. I have kept cool by reading about snowstorms and sampling her cookie recipes. This year Debra has donated Joanne’s recent book, Key Lime Pie, to the Stephenville library. Thanks, for keeping us in reading materials.

Morgan Mill Art Association will be meeting at noon Tuesday at the Community Center. We will be discussing future shows. Bring a pot luck dish and ideas. Everyone is welcome.

Last week, Gary and I were given permission to raid Ken and Diane Stokes’ vegetable garden. Since it has been raining and raining, the zucchinis were a foot long. Taking the suggestions from the locals, I decided to stuff and oven bake the critters. Slicing then lengthwise and scooping out the middle with an ice cream scoop, I put brown rice, chopped onions (from Ken’s garden too), tomatoes (also, from the garden), green peppers (also Ken’s), and cooked bacon inside the “boat.” Bake at 350-degrees for about 45 minutes. Before serving, I sprinkled cheese on top. I am calling it Rescued Zucchini. It was great. Many times, I judge the worth of a cookbook by how many recipes it has for zucchini and squash. Joe Stubbs was heard saying that he stopped everybody that he saw and loaded them down with squash. Summer is a time for good eating in the Mill.

Jelly making is in full swing. Verbie Burns said that she had already put up twenty boxes of a dozen jars each. She has her traditional mesquite bean and prickly pear jellies. Bernice Larner said that she canned nineteen jars on Wednesday. She has her traditional plum, peach, apricot, grape, strawberry and cherry jellies ready to go. Good news. Arts and Craft fair is Saturday, September 8. If you remember, jelly was scarce last year so this is going to be a welcome return to the craft fair. The raffle quilt of cattle brands will be on display at Saturday Breakfast. Buy your tickets for $1.