“The force” guided quite a few people to the post office Tuesday, where Star Wars’ fanatics converged.

Crissy Finley, officer in charge, is making some dynamic changes in the way the post office’s shop does business.

Tuesday was the unveiling of the Star Wars stamp collection, cachet, special one-day only cancellation and other memorabilia. The Star Wars movie characters (mostly consisting of Finley’s children) were everywhere and served cupcakes and punch to customers.

Everything except the special cancellation will be available for a short time, but supplies are limited and when it’s gone, it’s gone, Finley said.

A sheet of 15 self-adhesive stamps sells for $6.15. Double matted movie scenes go for $19.99, the cachet is $5.41 and posters are $5.

Finley says she plans to bring a lot more of post office retail items to the Stephenville location.

“I’d like to do something like this monthly,” Finley said. “Maybe even outside of the post office. We may do Disney next.”