Clapping, cheering, and a few high-fives accompanied the most recent weigh-in among Erath County Weight Loss Challenge contestants.

Success was the word of the day as contestants dropped anywhere from one to seven pounds during the second week of the competition. Contestant Linda Schouten was quick to celebrate after learning she lost the largest amount of weight last week.

Im so excited! she said. I cant believe I lost seven pounds!

Despite the success of his fellow contestants, Joey Goodwin, a Huckabay math teacher, managed to hold on to the lead. So far, Goodwin has managed to lose a whopping 20 pounds, 7.39 percent of his starting weight, since the contest began.

All but one contestant said the diet is not leaving them with hunger pains.

The diet is great. Im not hungry at all, Christy Burney said. I feel good.

Not me, Traci Riggs quipped. Im hungry all the time.

Contestant Resa Lubbock, who lost 4 pounds last week, said the exercise program she is now on has her feeling terrific.

I feel so much better, she said. My energy level has really increased.

The Erath County Weight Loss Challenge is a 12-week contest sponsored by the Empire-Tribune, The Fitness Center, and Harris Methodist Erath County Hospital. The contestant who loses the largest percentage of their starting weight wins a grand prize package.