The Dublin Independent School Board of Trustees is expected to make a decision tonight regarding a local policy for “Student Rights and Responsibilities: Student Expression.”

According to Superintendent Roy Neff, the policy is mandated by a recent legislative change allowing students to express their thoughts within certain language boundaries at school or school related functions.

Neff said he thought about one-third of districts were adopting the Texas Association of School Board’s model policy, and some are creating their own policies, while others were not going to adopt a policy at all.

Neff said board members would review the state report of Acceptable ratings for all schools in the district.

While the board was expecting to hear a report on the progress of the new intermediate school, Neff said the architects had to cancel for this meeting and should attend next month’s meeting to give an update.

Neff said all employment positions have been filled for the upcoming school year and has no new resignations to report.

In other business the board will,

Create a list of those who will be allowed to perform teacher appraisals in place of the teacher’s supervisor Review the district financial report Schedule a special board meeting for Tuesday, Aug. 28, for the purpose of conducting a public hearing on the new budget and setting the tax rate, and Review and possibly adopt a resolution concerning the public funds investment policy.