This letter is a tribute to George Brown, a long time member of the Stephenville community.

He and his late wife, Beulah, have been positive influences on many people during their lifetimes.

The Browns have touched many; I count myself as one of those lucky ones, as well as having the privilege of being their nephew.

After my father passed away around 10 years ago, Uncle George stepped in and was always there whenever I needed him. He has taken my family and me in like we were his own!

I first got to know George when I was a child living in Albuquerque, N.M., in the 1950’s.

He and his wife boarded and trained Audie Murphy’s horses in Euless. When my family and I would visit he tried to teach me to ride calves.

Even though I was not very skilled, he worked with me like I was the best he had ever seen.

Eventually, George and Beulah were both inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame due to their hard work and effort in the Texas Rodeo circuits.

Later, my family moved to Nebraska, where I played college football for the University of Nebraska.

George and Beulah were among my strongest and most avid supporters when we played in the Cotton Bowl in 1965, even when I missed a field goal and we lost the game to Arkansas 10 - 7.

I moved to Pflugerville 20 years ago and George continued his support of my family and me.

Besides my own parents, he and his family were the only ones to attend my wife’s mother’s funeral in Dallas.

George Brown has been a role model for my family and me for over 50 years, and I consider him Father of the Year for 2007!

Duncan Drum