HICO - Jeremy and Linda Curtoys are packing it in and moving to Dayton, Ohio.

The Curtoys’ official retirement dates are May 31 and both have been busy cleaning out their offices.

His office is at Tarleton State University where he has taught hundreds of students for the past 31 years at a political science professor. Certainly, the move will be a loss for future students considering he was just named the recipient of the prestigious Jack and Louise Arthur Distinguished Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Her office is at Foster’s Home for Children where she has worked as the educational director for 25 years. Before that she was a teacher for 10 years.

Jeremy said he hoped to receive a degree in agricultural engineering at Utah State University after moving from Africa to America in 1967.

As it turned out, he failed calculus and physics in his sophomore year and decided to move to Plan B. He changed his major to political science and from there bad fortune turned good because he met his future wife who was working on a master’s degree in the same subject.

The two married in Utah in March of 1971.

“She was my ticket to citizenship,” Jeremy chuckled.

Jeremy eventually earned his master’s and doctorate in political science from the University of California at Berkeley. He joked again that his wife was, “also a meal ticket, too,” because she supported him during all those years of education.

Jeremy was also named as “Best Professor of the Year,” in a reader’s poll at the Empire-Tribune.

Jeremy says teaching was his second career as he was a farmer first in Africa. And, still the couple has a 100-acre farm near Hico, which is currently under contract to be sold. But he never intended to be a teacher.

“I never set out to be a teacher - that was by default,” he said. “But I decided it was a good way to make a living so I stayed with it.”

The move to Ohio will be good they said because they will be within driving distance of a slew of family members and Dayton is Linda’s mother’s home.

Because Jeremy grew up living and traveling with his parents all around the globe to such places as South Africa, Great Britain and Argentina the two have many friends that they are due to pay a visit.

It looks like travel will be on their retirement agenda. In between trips the couple said they will be busy writing their family histories, working as volunteers, and Jeremy said he might get involved in a little research.

When asked if they planned to retire at the same time, Linda said. “I wasn’t going to be getting up and going to work when he wasn’t.”

So, she said it just seemed like a good thing to do.

The couple has two sons — David of Stephenville, married to Amy, and John — a Michigan state resident. John will only be five hours away from the couple’s new home.