If you’ve got something that you need to take to the Stephenville Landfill, you’ll have to wait — at least for 18 more days if everything goes according to plan.

Due to equipment repairs, the city’s landfill - which is open for public use each Thursday, Friday and Saturday - will be closed until an anticipated reopening date of June 21.

“Our TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) permit requires that we have a compactor on-site,” said Nick Williams, the city’s director of public works.

“And the landfill has to be closed because our compactor has to have some repairs, and we are not able to comply with the permit because we don’t have a compactor on-site.”

Williams said he has tried to find a rental compactor, which is a bulldozer with a “compaction wheel” on its front rather than a blade, but the closest one he could find was in Canada.

“Obviously,” Williams said, that wouldn’t be “cost effective.”

Williams said the transmission as well as engine repairs are being made to the 1990 model compactor.

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