The city of Stephenville and Tarleton State University have shared a common history for over 110 years.  Together, the city and university have enjoyed a working relationship that has led to growth and advancement for both.

The recent approval by the Stephenville City Council of an ordinance that will allow Tarleton to purchase several of the streets that run through campus is an important vote of trust.  We understand the city expects Tarleton to be a good steward of the trust it has placed in us. I assure you that we take that charge very seriously.

Our ongoing concern has been and will continue to be safety; the safety of Erath County citizens and our students, faculty, staff and visitors as they travel about campus.  In the coming months, we will work closely with city officials to develop and implement a plan to navigate vehicle traffic and phase in the closing of some or a portion of the streets. During the planning process, our intent will be to ensure safety while maintaining access to the university’s buildings and parking lots.

I welcomed the discussion that took place during the City Council meeting. That is the heart of the American way; the respectful expression and discussion of different opinions. I value the thoughts of those who spoke and will keep their words in mind as we move forward with this project.

I appreciate Stephenville residents like Perry Elliott, Stuart Chilton and Col. Will Tate, as well as a significant number of Tarleton faculty and staff whose diligent efforts led to this opportunity.  I am also excited about the future of Stephenville, Erath County and Tarleton. As we continue to grow and prosper, I look forward to working with our community leaders to ensure the university’s plans are of the utmost benefit to both our campus community and area residents.

F. Dominic Dottavio, president

Tarleton State University