It’s been a year now since Dublin resident Larry Walker claims the city of Stephenville destroyed the road leading to his home.

Walker, who owns property located on C.R. 520, claims that the city damaged his driveway and destroyed several trees while installing a pipeline intended to transfer water from Proctor Lake.

Walker said he has appealed to city officials to repair the damage, but said city officials claim they’ve done nothing wrong. Now, he and his attorney, Heath Allen, are asking a jury to settle the dispute.

“We are suing the city because Stephenville won’t step up and do what’s right,” Allen said.

Calls seeking comment from city administrator Mark Kaiser were not returned.

Meanwhile, in documents filed Jan. 8 in the 266th Judicial District Court, Walker alleges there has been a breach of contract and is seeking $19,700 in damages. He said a contract with the city outlines compensation to Walker for any damage done to tanks, livestock, growing crops, improvements, structures and landscaping during the construction of the pipeline.

The petition also says the agreement states that following construction, the city would restore the surface of the land as close to its original condition “as is reasonable and possible.”

But Walker said he and the city disagree on what’s “reasonable and possible.”

Walker said before the pipeline was installed, his all-weather caliche driveway was the only entrance the family used to get to their home. Now, he claims the driveway is virtually unusable. He said rather than resurfacing the road with caliche, workers used red clay they had dug up during the installation process. Now, when it rains, he said the road is nothing but a muddy mess.

“You can bury a truck in all the mud,” Walker said. “I can’t get down it and I can’t get a hay truck down it.”

Walker said the situation has cost him a year’s worth of aggravation.

“They’ve destroyed my trees. They’ve destroyed my road, and they refuse to fix it,” Walker said. “I’ve been unable to use my property since this happened. I’m not mad, I’m disgusted.”