With approval of the Dublin City Council, Fort Worth and Western Railroad will close the crossing on East Sheridan Street, which runs through the middle of the switching yard.The crossing is not an official street crossing, although it has been used as one for many years.

Zack Schmidt, the local supervisor with FWWR, said the closing is a safety precaution.

"My main focus is on safety," Schmidt said.

Children cross the tracks to go to school, however, many kids have been seen crossing underneath railcars. Schmidt said he has seen kids playing inside and on top of the cars.

"We have never had any accidents in Dublin," Schmidt said. "I want to keep it that way."

Police Chief Lannie Lee agreed that children do play on the boxcars - and said it has always been a safety hazard.

FWWR also stands to gain by the closing. If closed, more train traffic can run through the switching yard to move more product down the tracks.

Once approved, FWWR plans to build a chain-link fence around the tracks and switching yard that will run to Blackjack Street, then build a pedestrian walkway at the Blackjack Street crossing.

If the city council chooses to keep the crossing open, the city will be responsible for maintaining it.

City Manager Jerry Guillory said a single-track railroad crossing can cost an estimated $40,000. There are five tracks that cross Sheridan Street.

Councilman Tommy Sperry was against the proposal to close the crossing and moved to refer the request to a workshop.

The city council will meet at 6 p.m. Monday to take action on the proposal.

In other business, the city council referred the revised city fee ordinance to a joint meeting of the Public Safety Committee and Finance Committee. The ordinance includes fee increases for trash, water and sewage use, City Park building deposit and more.