E-T Staff Report

July rainfall in Stephenville continued a three-month trend, sending moisture falling from the sky about every other day.

During the past 92 days (May, June and July), rain has fallen on 46 days, according to Stuart Chilton, Stephenville weather watcher for Channel 8, Dallas.

“From a percentage standpoint, moisture was recorded 50 percent of the time during the past three months. One might say we had rain every other day,” Dr. Chilton said.

Although the July rain measurements were below the average amount for the month, rain did fall on 14 dates during the 31-day period with the largest amount, .39 of an inch, being recorded on July 20, Dr. Chilton said.

Chilton also said that July rains totaled only 1.17 inches, which compares with a July average of 2.20 inches.

“However, we are still above the average for the entire year. May and June were big rain producing months. During the past three months, (May, June and July) we’ve had 18.94 inches, compared with an average amount for this period of 10.30 inches. Thus, we are 8.64 inches above average for these 92 days,” he said.

A review of rainfall for the past three months finds rain falling in May on 17 dates, in June on 15 dates and 14 dates in July. Rainfall in May totaled 6.27 inches, while the month of June recorded a record amount of 11.50 inches.

Total rainfall for the first seven months in 2007 is 34.70 inches, which is 15.1 inches above the average of 19.60 inches for January through July.

Stephenville has an annual rainfall of 33 inches. The average amount of rainfall for the month of August is 2.80 inches.

Weather forecasters are predicting less rainfall in August, and higher temperatures. The first triple digit temperatures for the Cross Timbers area in 2007 could come during the second week in August.