When parents begin the daunting task of dropping off kids at various campuses across the school district Monday morning, they will be greeted by police officers patrolling the school zones.

Stephenville Police Chief Patrick Bridges said the extra patrol officers will be on duty during the first few days of the new school year to direct traffic, ensure that motorists are paying attention to the one-way streets and obeying traffic laws.

Bridges is reminding the public that motorists cannot use cell phones while driving in school zones, and that the speed limit is only 20 mph.

He is also reminding the public about the citywide ban on texting while driving.

"We just want people to pay attention and obey the law so no one gets hurt," Bridges said.

Traffic information for Central, Chamberlin and Hook Elementary is available on the city's web site at www.ci.stephenville.tx.us.