With fall fast approaching, the Art Museum of South Texas (AMST) is taking a deep dive into their first new exhibition of the season, Target Texas: drawn worlds.

"As a lover of history and maps, I naturally gravitate towards Suzi Davidoff’s pieces that are drawn on vintage pull-down maps and globes and displayed as if still in the classroom," said Assistant Art Director, Jessica Holt. "In the current world where travel has been restricted and classrooms have changed, this particular piece gives me feelings of both nostalgia and excitement of discovery at the same time. Her subject matter, materials, and title are all thoughtfully connected and encourage the viewer to dive a little deeper into the layers. For instance, the "Centaurea" plant is native to Mediterranean Europe, which is the same area depicted on the "Roman Empire" map. "Ara Pacis" is an altar created in honor of Augustus, the first Roman Emperor. I appreciate these clever nods to history and science and am curious to see what else I will find within her work."