STEPHENVILLE, Texas— Tarleton State University professor Dr. Alex del Carmen has announced the completion of his latest book, “Racial Profiling in Policing: Beyond the Basics.”

Del Carmen, associate dean and professor in the College of Liberal Arts’ School of Criminology, Criminal Justice and Strategic Studies, served as a federal monitor in two of the largest and most significant police reform cases in the history of the United States.

After training thousands of police officers, including all police chiefs in Texas during the past two decades, del Carmen explains in the book that despite the many areas of discussion related to racial profiling in policing, most people remain interested in knowing the extent to and the manner in which, it could be eradicated.

“Despite previous efforts made, the issue of racial profiling in policing is far more complex than it is made out to be by politicians, the media and those that follow a particular ideology which often times, seems to obscure logic and science,” del Carmen wrote.

The perspective introduced in “Racial Profiling in Policing: Beyond the Basics” is one that disinherits political affiliation, and instead, relies on the experiences of an American criminologist who migrated to the United States fleeing a civil war in his native Nicaragua, while finding himself in the middle of a different type of conflict in his newly adopted land.

Published by Kendall-Hunt, the book is unique in the sense that it is based on an honest, direct and scientific dialogue on one of the most important topics in society and modern police practices--racial profiling.

The book will be available in about two months.

Del Carmen has a Ph.D. in criminology and criminal justice from Florida State University and is the author of several articles and books. He currently serves as a special master for the federal courts in Puerto Rico, on the police reform case.

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