Stephenville’s popular – and only – waterpark will now be allowed to open on June 15, as voted on by the city council Tuesday afternoon.

“We’ve done basically no services for the citizens for two and a half months and I think we need to do something for the kids. I think that’s the most important thing we can do is keep kids here for summer activities,” said Mayor Doug Svien during the council meeting.

Splashville will only be open for six weeks at 25 percent capacity.

Jennifer Basham, parks and leisure services director, said Splashville is still working through finalizing details right now but that hours of operation will be expanded.

“On Sundays, we typically open later and on Mondays we open later. We’re just going to do 12-7 p.m. every day,” she said.

Group swim lessons will not take place but private lessons will start when the pool opens.

Locker rooms and showers will still remain closed.

Basham said lifeguards will wear a mask at all times except when on stands due to the safety risk.

"People can’t hear them or see what they’re doing and [the lifeguards won’t be] able to blow their whistle, so they’ll have them on [around their necks] at all times but they will not necessarily [be wearing them] unless they’re interacting,” she said.

The E-T will update the public with more information as it becomes available.