Ranger College is assisting displaced workers and students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by offering one free college-level course in either the Summer A or Summer B semesters.

Summer A is from May 24 – June 30 and Summer B is from July 3 – Aug. 13.

Courses available for both Summer A and Summer B semesters include:

EDUC1100 – Learning Frameworks

COSC1301 – Intro to Computing

HITT1205 – Medical Terminology

MUSI1306 – Music Appreciation

SPCH1315 – Public Speaking

Classes are delivered 100 percent online and no prerequisites are required.

Tuition and fees will be waived upon acceptance into the program.

Requirements for the scholarship include:

Must have high school diploma or equivalent

Must be displaced due to COVID-19

Registration for Summer A is Friday, June 22 and registration for Summer B is Monday, June 29.

To register, visit https://www.rangercollege.edu/ranger-college-covid-19_scholarship_program/