Staff and faculty at Hook Elementary hosted a “We Miss You” parade for students Monday evening.

“It has been a little over eight weeks since we have seen our students face to face,” said Daresa Rhine, principal of Hook Elementary. “When we told them goodbye and to have a great spring break, we had no idea that would be the last time for them to be in our building. Our hearts have ached due to our current situation. We have connected with our students through the power of technology, but it is still not the same as connecting with them in person.”

The parade route took teachers and faculty by the Tarleton Police Department, the courthouse and Stephenville City Park with students smiling and waving as their teachers drove by.

“We hope that the ‘We Miss You’ parade [brought] joy and smiles to our students,” Rhine said. “We love and miss them dearly. During this crisis, this is one way we can show them how much we care.”