For those who spend their time browsing Pinterest looking for their next craft idea, you will love the latest business coming to Stephenville.

Stephenville resident and former owner of IN-ZONE Gymnastics Amanda Mills is opening a Pinspiration studio on the downtown square next to Blue-Eyed Buffalo.

Pinspiration is a Pinterest-inspired DIY (Do It Yourself) craft studio and wine bar.

"We have a DIY project wall – those are items you can choose from to make when you come in,” Mills said. “Everything is priced and is based off of ideas and projects from Pinterest that you can come in and do. Everything in the studio is provided for you to complete your craft. You can use our tools, we’ll have embellishments, paints, anything you need to just choose and make your craft as your own.”

Many art studios offer classes for individuals to take and they can learn how to paint a picture, but with Pinspiration, everyone works independently on their own project.

“Nothing is taught. We don’t have to teach anyone,” Mills said. “Anyone who comes in will get instructions that come with their project on how to do it.”

Pinspiration offers as much as 50 different projects like nail art, acrylic pour and a candle-making station that offers tons of scents and embellishments with prices for the projects ranging from $8-$75.

A fun (and messy) feature with Pinspiration is the option of a splatter room.

“You can come in and you get geared up in painter’s clothes from head to toe and then you walk into the room with paint brushes, canvas and paint and you get to throw paint around the room and onto your canvas so you create a splattered piece of artwork,” Mills said. “We have a viewing window where people who are not participating can watch what you’re doing. You can have photos taken...That’s a fun place to meet up with a friend to do something or as a date.”

Pinspiration offers a party room for birthdays, baby showers, weddings and sorority events as well as a wine bar with beer and wine.

If you get hungry while you’re crafting, you can also enjoy a meal from Greer’s.

“We have partnered up with Greer’s so we’ll have a small menu that Greer’s can bring over and bring you food as well while you’re crafting,” Mills said. “We’ll have snacks, but if you want a hot meal, we’ll have a menu and Greer’s will bring it over for you.”

Pinspiration opened its first location in Scottsdale, Arizona. While on vacation with her family, Mills visited the Pinspiration there and decided it would be a great addition to Stephenville.

“It gives people a place to go and hang out together,” she said. “Stephenville doesn’t have a lot of options for places to go and hang out or make things either so it’s just a place that will bring people together. It’s also unique because it’s a place that people can look at to do parties or events. We don't have anything that does that.”

Mills said the Stephenville Pinspiration is the eighth location to be granted in Texas and will be the third studio to officially open in Texas. The two other Pinspirations are located in Houston and Frisco.

Pinspiration was originally planned to open the first week of May but with COVID-19, Mills said she is unsure when she will be able to open her craft studio.

"We were told that maybe sometime this week we will get an answer on when we may possibly be able to open. We are thinking it can still be May, but we will have to see what’s going on with all of the rules,” she said.

Mills and her husband, Keith, grew up in Stephenville and raised their two children, Keidra and Kylar in the town as well. They purchased an old, historic building on the downtown square because they wanted their business to represent their love they have for the community.

“We started looking for property and we decided on the downtown property because we just feel a connection with it because this is our hometown,” Mills said. “We want to be on the square and take something that was old and worn out that no one had wanted to have as a business and turn it into something really good so it became a project for us in that way as well. We really wanted to do something that would bring life to downtown, so that’s what we really hope for too, that maybe we can get businesses to be on the square and bring more people down here.”

Mills said Pinspiration offers something for everyone.

“When we went to the Scottsdale one, we were really floored by how many couples come in and have dates there because it’s something you can do hands on together,” she said. “We knew that that would be great for Tarleton students to come in and get to have date time where they’re actually working together and talking, or going in and painting and being crazy in the splatter room, getting messy...We saw that and decided ‘Oh yeah, this is something we should really do.’”

For more information about Pinspiration, visit the website at or visit for updates on the Stephenville location.