Stephenville ISD board of trustees met on Monday afternoon and discussed the option of being flexible with grades for the last six weeks and made the decision to push back graduation to Friday, June 19.

Board members discussed many options regarding grading, including whether to allow students to decide if they want a letter grade or a pass/fail option as well as giving students one grade per week in each assignment.

“This is definitely a transition. I think the teachers wanted some flexibility and also taking into account participation. We were looking for some flexibility about one grade per week,” said Kelly Magin, executive director of curriculum and instruction.

Matt Underwood, SISD superintendent, told the E-T that so far, students have been doing well in their online work.

“Looking at our diagnostic numbers, the statistics look pretty good for our kids. They have participated at a much higher rate than a lot of us feared at home by themselves or trying to hide homework from their mom and dad, but it’s been pleasantly received pretty well so I think we can issue grades,” he said.

According to an email provided by Underwood from Skyward Student Support Darby West Hernandez, the results of students’ grades are as follows:

Stephenville High School

84.6 percent passing

2.2 percent failing

13.3 percent incomplete

Henderson Junior High

84.7 percent passing

8.7 percent failing

6.6 percent incomplete

Gilbert Intermediate

93.9 percent passing

4.6 percent failing

1.5 percent incomplete

Hook Elementary

95.6 percent passing

4.4 percent failing

0 percent incomplete

The board made an unofficial decision to remain flexible in the grading policy for the last six weeks of school, with an option to meet in the future and make an official decision regarding grades.


With Gov. Abbott’s recent announcement on Friday that schools would be closed for the remainder of the school year, board members discussed the option of pushing the date of graduation back so students would still potentially get the option of having a face-to-face graduation.

“The rumor that we were hearing was that it was a possible shutdown for all urban area schools and then rural schools would be able to make a decision on their own, which would have created a whole other set of problems obviously, but closing it all made our jobs a lot simpler,” Underwood told the E.T “I hate it for the students and the seniors, especially.”

Board member Ed Dittfurth suggested the date of Friday, June 19, which is also the weekend of Father’s Day.

As far as where graduation will be held and if it will be virtual or face-to-face remain unknown.

Underwood told the board there have been many discussions on how to handle graduation in different ways, but that “we’ll just have to see what we have at the time of June 19.”