As of Friday, April 17, no new cases have been reported for Erath County, although the numbers continue to rise for the rest of Texas and the United States.

In Erath County, there are currently:

•13 positive cases (5 in Stephenville, 2 in Dublin, 6 in the rural areas)

•12 current cases

•1 death

•0 hospitalized

•0 reports of patients being "officially recovered" by the CDC

Many counties in Texas are releasing more up-to-date information daily, but the reason is because Erath County does not have a health department.

"The Texas Department of State Health Services is ours and we have a Local Health Authority. The City of Stephenville does get a report from some of the places doing testing and they have been keeping up with those. It is not an accurate up-to-date account," said Susan Driskill, emergency management coordinator.

Erath County gets most of its COVID-19 testing information from local officials and from the Texas Department of State Health Services.

As of Wednesday, April 8, there were 132 COVID-19 tests performed in Erath County, according to

City Manager Allen Barnes stated in a town hall meeting at 2 p.m. today that as of yesterday, Thursday, April 16, there have been 330 tests performed in Erath County, 13 positives, 267 negatives and the city is still waiting on results for 50 of them.

For Texas, as of Friday, April 17 at 8 a.m. there were:

•158,547 total tests done in Texas

•16,455 positive cases reported

•393 fatalities

•191 of 254 counties report cases

•3,677 estimated patient recoveries

•1,459 patients currently in Texas hospitals

For the U.S., as of Friday, April 17 at 8 a.m. the CDC is reporting:

•676,676 confirmed cases

•56,127 recovered cases

•34,784 deaths

For more information on cases by county, visit the TXDSHS dashboard website at: or and click on the link ‘County Testing Totals.’