With the current coronavirus situation, it’s hard to celebrate birthdays, which is why Stephenville resident Jennifer Oswald and son, Tristan, were surprised to discover a “Happy Birthday” display in front of Sonic on Friday, April 3.

Oswald is the head assistant at Sonic and had been trying to contact the city to schedule a birthday parade for her son, Tristan, who was about to celebrate his ninth birthday.

Oswald was disappointed, however, after she contacted the Stephenville Police Department and was told that a birthday parade was prohibited.

She spoke with Assistant Police Chief Jason Halsey who told her, “’It’s prohibited. It’s an organized event and it’s not allowed through the declaration.’”

Oswald said she was frustrated and heartbroken by the response.

But on the morning of April 3, she received a message from one of her managers, letting her know someone had created a display for Tristan in front of Sonic.

The display read “Happy 9th birthday Tristan” and featured decorations of stars, a cake and a football.

Oswald then took to Facebook to thank the anonymous person for making her son’s birthday special.

“This morning I awoken to an angel that had done something special for my sweet baby!!,” Oswald posted on Facebook. “Thank you to whomever did this, you made this momma happy again!!! My heart is so full right [now] and I'd like to thank whomever did this... you truly are an angel.”

Oswald eventually found out that her boss Britaney Raborn and an old owner of Sonic, Sherly Dijulio, were behind the creative display.

“I feel blessed,” Oswald said. “It’s great to have people in your corner. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. It really touched my heart and I'm very grateful for the people in my life.”