The City of Stephenville - Parks and Leisure is offering a citizen’s call line to inform residents of resources available within the Stephenville community.

The Park & Leisure Division wants to ensure that Stephenville residents, especially senior citizens and those with physical limitations, have access to food and other necessities as they self-isolate to avoid exposure. The citizen’s information line is available Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Local businesses and agencies can assist by keeping us informed of any updates in their services.

Resource information includes:

Food Pantries

Grocery store hours and accommodations

Restaurants currently delivering and stocking piling staple items

Public transit services

Local agencies assistance programs

Contact Numbers:

Stephenville Senior Citizen’s Center - 254-918-1288

Parks and Recreation - 254-918-1295

Stephenville Public Library - 254-918-1240