Drive-by birthday parades are the new way to celebrate birthdays while still maintaining social distancing guidelines and Dublin is joining in on the fun.

The city announced on their Facebook page Sunday night that due to Erath County’s shelter in place ordinance, Dublin would host a “Drive-By Birthday Parade” for any child who has a birthday coming up.

“I saw that Comanche was doing something kind of like that and I had seen the teacher parades taking place. I thought, ‘Well, there are so many kids that are missing out on so much and we want to be able to do something where we can recognize these kiddos,’” said EMS Director Erik Burleson. “It stinks to be in their spots right now. A lot of them don’t even understand what’s going on in the world; they just know they’re not going to school anymore and they’re not being able to have their birthday parties or hang out with friends. When I saw the teacher parade taking place and that Comanche had something similar, I thought, ‘Well, we can do that in Dublin.’”

The birthday parades will take place on Wednesdays from 12-2 p.m. and any child who has had a birthday on or after March 1 is eligible for a parade.

Fire, police and EMS will join in on the parade as well as anybody from city hall who would like to participate. The vehicles will be decorated with “Happy Birthday” signs and balloons.

Contact the city hall or police dispatch to request a parade and list the child’s name, date, time and address.

The city will obtain info from every child and drive by all of the addresses that have been compiled.

“It’s a privilege that we have the resources to be able to do this,” Burleson said. “We just want to be able to provide any kind of opportunity that we can for those kiddos that are homebound. We just want them to have as much opportunity to have a normal life at this time of not normal that we can and hopefully something like that will put a smile on their face.”