There's a new game for kids sweeping the nation, with many taking part in arranging stuffed teddy bears in front of windows and in lawns.

This social-distancing-friendly game is called “Bear Hunt” and is inspired by the 1989 children's picture book, “We're Going on a Bear Hunt,” written by Michael Rosen.

The story is about a family going on an adventure to find a bear and facing numerous obstacles, only to be scared once they actually find what they were searching for.

Families all over the globe are participating in the “Bear Hunt”, uniting neighborhoods and giving children an exciting and fun scavenger hunt activity amid coronavirus lockdowns.

Stephenville resident Brenda Guise first heard about the new game via social media, but then spotted two small bears hiding out in bushes one street over from her.

“We thought maybe we could get it going around here,” she said. “We live on a high traffic area on Prairie Land and we have a really big bear named Theodore. My husband amped it up. Theodore changes what he's doing every day.”

From lounging on the patio, to chilling in a red wagon, to pouting because it's raining, the huge, five-foot tall bear has become a local sensation among the neighborhood.

“We had quite a few people coming by and taking pictures, even stopping in their vehicles and taking pictures,” Guise said. “We went for a ride around the block Sunday and have seen a couple more bears going up. I think it will catch on.”

Guise said her favorite part about the “Bear Hunt” is being able to see the happiness it brings children and their parents.

“It's super exciting when we see these little kids,” she said. “This one little girl, her and her parents walk by every day. She's probably about four or five years old and we can hear her saying, 'What's he doing? Where is he?' It gives them something to look forward to and enjoy in these uncertain times.”

Guise invites the community to participate in the bear hunt with her.

“We want to keep doing this,” she said. “Definitely through the shelter-in-place time, but we'll have to continue getting creative with Theodore if it keeps getting extended, but it's fun.”