Magan Estill, a longtime resident of Stephenville, is providing a delivery service to residents of Erath County while the community has been asked to shelter in place due to the coronavirus.

Estill and a group of friends will deliver anything residents need to help keep Stephenville at home, whether its groceries or prescriptions.

“We will keep basic food essentials on hand and will deliver to your door,” she said. “Our family is a homogeneous group and we are following all precautions and guidelines to stop the spread and we want to help our community do just that.”

What started out as a service to help Faith School families has now turned into a volunteer service for the entire community of Stephenville.

Estill originally started providing for families who were having a hard time getting the essentials like eggs, bread and milk.

“Some friends and I decided to take this a little bit further,” she said. “Right now, on hand from individual donations, we have eggs, milk, rice, beans etc. It started to help people keep working while families are staying home, and more and more of us aren’t going to be able to work. Once the shelter in place order was announced, we moved our efforts into the next phase – out of our own cars and homes. Brick and mortar don’t serve others, Christians do. We will not gather, and we are only making essential trips to the grocery store. Most all we have needed we have already had donated.”

Estill has a team of eight volunteers who practice social distancing and utilize hand sanitizer.

“We’re the same group of people so when we go to the store, it’s only us going to the store and we are following all guidelines about mitigation,” she said. “They’re healthy people and they’re ready to serve. You don’t have to have an entity to organize; you just have to have people ready to serve. If we can serve, more people can stay home and stop the spread here in our beloved Stephenville.”

Estill said her employer, Faith School, is also providing childcare for first responders so that doctors and nurses can resume their duties on the front lines.

“I'm speaking as myself. I'm not speaking as director of Faith School,” Estill said. “We have a group of willing and able people in the community – friends and connections throughout the years through different networking opportunities who are able to get items, just because that’s what Stephenville is about. You need something, we got it. Our hearts are open, our friends and family are working on the front line and we’re trying to stay home. We’re stopping the spread. This is our family. We don’t want them to be exposed.”

Contact Estill at 254-977-4258 and let her know the service you need. Estill and her team will come to the residence, get a list and a form of payment, get the items requested and come back with a receipt. There is no delivery service charge.

“We anticipate getting busier,” she said. “This isn’t going to be a two-week, four-week, six-week event. I think that we need to prepare for more, if we don’t stop now. Please stay home, let us drop basic needs at your doorstep and some tips to staying safe.”