Many local restaurants like The Purple Goat, Crawford’s Corner Deli and Beans and Franks are providing residents with food and other essentials during the current coronavirus situation.


The Purple Goat is offering customers frozen hamburger meat, chicken, salmon, steak and fajita meat to cook at home.

“[Our staff] is trying to make sure that they’re adapting to the current situation and still providing the community service that people hold us to our standards of and just being able to do a little bit more for the community,” said Tara Ratliff, manager of The Purple Goat. “We’ve always been a part of that community so we’re just trying to make sure we’re doing what people need. They understand it’s a hard time for people right now. If there’s any way they [the staff] can help, they want to make sure that they’re doing that at all times.”

The family four pack of cook-at-home burgers is $15 per pack and includes two pounds of uncooked ground beef, four hamburger buns, burger fixings for four (lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion) and the customer’s choice of either four pounds of fresh potatoes to make their own fries or four uncooked orders of The Goat’s hand cut fries.

The ultimate chicken deal is $9.50 per bundle and includes one seasoned chicken breast (raw and ready for the grill, skillet or oven), one golden potato (chop and pan sauté with your favorite seasonings) and one house salad. A raw, seasoned individual chicken breast is $4.

The salmon bundle is $10.50 per bundle and includes one raw 6 oz salmon filet, one side of veggies (sliced zucchini and squash) and one golden potato (dice and pan sauté with your favorite seasonings). An individual 6 oz raw salmon filet is $6.

The steak bundle is $11.50 per set up and includes an 8 oz raw Waygu steak with a raw baked potato with fixings and a house salad with dressing. A single 8 oz raw Waygu steak is $6.50 with no sides.

This week, The Purple Goat is offering a new special for fajitas.

A family pack of raw fajita meat for four is $25.99 and offers the choice of beef, chicken or a combo along with tortillas and beans and rice (cooked and ready to go). A choice of five pounds of fajita meat is also available for $34.95.

Each order is available for pick up or free delivery.

“We’d love to be doing this throughout the duration of our takeout-and-delivery-only time,” Ratliff said. “We call it the ‘time of the great to-go's.’ We have to make light of the situation and stay positive.”

Even though times are tough and many are worried about the future, Ratliff says it’s important for her and her staff to act as a staple part of the community and give people what they need.

“It’s important for us to remain a part of the community even though we’re distant,” Ratliff added.

Other restaurants are also doing their part to help residents.


Crawford’s Corner Deli made a Facebook post Monday morning about how they will be carrying essential items for sale including toilet tissue; potatoes; rice; bread; eggs; pinto beans; soups; flour; sugar; shredded cheese; block cheese; deli ham by the pound; deli turkey by the pound; corned beef by the pound; chicken salad by the pound; fajita chicken by the pound; bacon by the pound; and hamburger meat by the pound.

Crawford’s added that if anyone needs an item that is not listed, to call and ask and they will see if they can get it.


Beans and Franks added a post on their Facebook Monday morning saying that they are making freshly baked breads available at their new location.

They are currently our of freshly baked bread but will have more available on Wednesday.

“Getting creative and making the most of this situation,” the Facebook post reads. “It is a blessing to us to be able to continue to serve our community!”