Littlejohn Produce owned by Mark Littlejohn has had its struggle of keeping up with supply and demand due to panicked shoppers bulk buying because of the coronavirus.

“I must say, it’s got a little bit more intense the last few days,” Littlejohn said. “I’ve been having to go to the warehouse every night. I went four nights in a row to try to stay up. I leave about three in the morning and get back about nine with a full load of produce and meat. Right now, we’ve got about 700 pounds of hamburger meat – that’s about what I sold Friday and Saturday.”

Littlejohn said he has been twice as busy trying to restock his produce, but he was surprised to learn that eggs were being sold out the fastest.

“Eggs is something that we went from selling 20 to 30 dozen a week and now, we’ve been getting between 60 and 80 dozen a day and selling out by lunch,” he said. “It quadrupled.”

Littlejohn said his employees have been making some deliveries for older people, bringing out items to customers’ cars and manning the drive through.

Although many are worried about the virus, Littlejohn says his employees and customers have kept a positive attitude.

"We just throw all the doors open, it’s open air and the breeze is coming through and makes everybody feel a little better about that instead of being in an enclosed building,” he said. “Everybody has been happy.”