A message from SISD Athletic Director Jerod Womack

Technically it may be a “down time” for many of us — but it doesn’t have to get you down.

Among the many people who have had to put things on hold because of the coronavirus precautions are the student-athletes who were right in the middle of their spring seasons.

That includes those involved in softball, baseball, track and field, golf, tennis, powerlifting and soccer. For the record, that’s seven of the 11 sports programs offered to the Honeybees and Yellow Jackets in the Stephenville ISD.

While the powerlifting season was all but over, most of the other sports were right in the middle of their 2020 schedules.

While some casual fans may be looking past this time, the athletes themselves are carrying on, hoping that they will be able to complete their seasons and maybe even have a chance to pursue state titles.

But one group that has not forgotten is the coaching crew for each of those sports.

SISD Athletic Director Jerod Womack provided the E-T with this message of encouragement for the student-athletes and their families about how the challenge is being handled as they continue to work out on their own:

“As we move through this time of uncertainty we are challenging our athletes to focus on what they can. Home workouts are being sent to our athletes. We want them to maintain the gains they have made.

“The main things we are wanting is for our athletes to stay busy with school work, writing, reading, and keeping a great attitude. Stay positive and positive things will happen.

“We will all get through this together and I look forward to the day we are back on practice fields and back competing for our school.

“I am so proud of our Bees and Jackets and know that we will soon be back representing the City if Champions!”