Surepoint Emergency Center has set up special provisions to better serve patients during this outbreak.

The Surepoint staff have always been committed to providing a safe, clean environment in which their patients can receive care while feeling comfortable and secure. Their facilities operate using industry-standard cleaning and sanitizing methods and will continue to ensure that they take proper measures to minimize any potential risk. Their patients’ safety and well-being remain their number one priority as they deal with the Coronavirus.

They have set up the following special provisions to better serve patients during this outbreak:

• Curbside triage tents, in the front or back of each ER, as an extra precaution, so that patients with Coronavirus symptoms can remain in their cars and be evaluated by the doctor and/or nurse.

• Coronavirus swab tests that will be sent out for results. Patients will need to meet the CDC criteria first in order to receive the testing.

• Surge rooms, extra equipment and supplies to accommodate all patients.

• Staff available to answer questions via phone prior to the patient’s arrival.

If you do not have symptoms related to the Coronavirus (shortness of breath/fever/cough), but rather have an injury or are in pain, you can call Surepoint before coming in and staff will advise you on what to do.

For more information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19), visit