Barrett Wood, a fifth grader at Bluff Dale ISD, won the Texas Field Archery Association State Championship that took place on Saturday, Feb. 29.

Barrett, 11, also set a new state tournament record for his division and was selected as the 2019-2020 Runner Up Shooter of the Year.

Barrett first got into archery when he was six and was playing with toy bows.

"When the gateway archery was out here between Stephenville and Dublin, I didn't think he could even shoot it,” his father, Aaron Wood said. “The guy set it up for him and Barrett shot it very well.”

Barrett got involved in 4-H and then started shooting with the Texas Field Archery Association.

“This year kind of exploded,” Aaron said. “It was a pretty serious hobby and then in December, it really shifted gears. He saw that he could do it and he kind of set his sights on the state championship. He really put in an awful lot of work, at least four or five days [a week] of shooting and that's without his mother and I having to make him go do it. It was something that he went and did on his own.”

Aaron said Barrett shot two 300s back to back, which is difficult to accomplish.

“It takes a lot of focus, even for the pros to do that,” he said.

Barrett said he loves archery because he gets to see his friends and that it's one of his favorite hobbies.

“If I ever feel anything going wrong in my day, archery just helps me calm myself down or helps me through my day,” he said.

Barrett's goal is to eventually become an archery pro.

“I couldn't be prouder,” Aaron said. “Just to see the growth that took place this year, from about Thanksgiving to now. To see your child decide, ‘Hey, I'm going to take a big risk and I'm going to set my goals really high and I'm going to try to chase this thing down,' it's very special to see your child develop that kind of drive and then go after it and then to make it happen. It's very rewarding.”